We are back !

So glad to see you back ! All information regarding the measures put in place to ensure the resumption of our celebrations is available on our booking page.

Book your ticket here for one of our next celebrations, and find information on the measures implemented.

Our church welcomes you again to Uptown to live our celebrations, in an adapted form and times.

Explore here the many possibilities we offer you to continue living the church, even if you cannot join us on Sunday in Uptown.

One of the essentials of our summers are the Summer Events!
Find out about all the upcoming hang-out events here, and join us.

This summer we want to continue to be a church near the heart of God. Discover here the two ways we offer you to live a stimulating prayer life this summer.

With ICF Geneva, together we go through the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5-7) from June to August, and respond to Jesus’ invitation.
Join us and find out more!

It is essential for us that you are surrounded and that you stay connected with the community. Here you will find the various activities or information centers in order to continue living the church from near and far.

We welcome all children from 9:30 am every Sunday at UOG, to live the ICF Kids church together.