REACH Beyond is our annual fundraising campaign. This allows us to reach more people for Jesus, meet needs, expand our church locally and create new ones globally.


We are convinced that it is when we give that we are most like Jesus. Our Reach campaign is our meeting each year to sow where lives are touched by the power of the Gospel. Christians will be rescued, where sometimes they are in danger of death for their faith. Young people from our region will have the opportunity to vibrate behind a message that gives them hope, a young pastor will be able to continue training in his field of action which is youth, a missionary from the other side of the world will be supported to continue its work of providing first aid to the most remote islands. The projects are varied, but they all have the same flavor, that of lives set apart to accomplish a mission in resonance with our heart as a church. Whether the amount is large or small, come and water these different precious projects in the same place with us! May our donations multiply!

Adrien, Pastors ICF Geneva